Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why suicide pact?

         I wanted visitors to my sight to be welcomed with a warm and cozy name, Suicide Pact, which should immediately put them at ease, and make it clear they will not be challenged to think while they are confronted with the realization that we are living in a house of lies.

In my posts I will elaborate on this point, which I believe is entirely accurate. Look at Europe - they are ahead of us, jumping off the cliff, but US is also so confused morally, that only a small fraction of the people appear to be aware of the disaster befalling the Western civilization.

The idea is quite simple. The Western system is based on Lies, with only a very small amount of Force mixed in. In a situation like this, the most dangerous thing is the truth. Armed with the truth, many young Europeans, and Russians (among others) are voting with their feet and living the old continent, with many immigrating to Canada, and Australia.

What are governments to do in this situation? To back down would be to admit their lies, and bring down the house, better to double down, and unite eliminating any refuge for hard-working people. It is the response of politicians who realize the reality of the dystopic situation that Ayn Rand prophesized in 'Atlas Shrugged'. Productive individuals, the movers, and not interested in being guarantors of retirement benefits of aging populations through even increasing taxes, or fulfilling all the vain promises the ruling classes knew they could not fulfill. It becomes necessary to level the playing field, by making the tax situation equally onerous in the EU, so businesses and individuals have not escape. There are two problems with this strategy; it's immoral and degrading, in addition to not being viable. Even if the Europeans could successfully corral every country on the continent, US and Canada, the competition from Asia and Polynesia, including Australia and New Zealand, as well as South America would make their strategy foolhardy. The capital would simply flow to these regions, leaving in Europe and aging tourist trap.

America has been replicating the worst European tactics, such as adoption of Obama-care, at the time when the British have finally began to move against their horrific socialized health-care system. TARP, stimulus, quantitative easing (printing and shuffling of money by the Fed) are all symptoms of a larger problem. Socialized medicine and economy are feeding troughs, where the risks are socialized the earnings are private. Obama-care in particular has promised to lower overall costs, while insuring an additional 40 million people. This combination flies in the face of logic.

Why are we being fooled? The middle class remind me of the lower cabins on the Titanic, which lacked windows, and prevented their residents from figuring out the problem in time. The truth is that there are not enough life-boats, and the longer the masses remain ignorant the longer the elites can pretend the ship is not sinking. And once the water actually begins to come inside, they will be guaranteed a spot on life-boats, unlike the hoi poloi below.

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