Saturday, December 10, 2011

Europe's scapegoats

When European elites are finally forced to face their own failures, they will not recognize them. Their current behavior suggests that the more likely reaction is that of tin-pot dictatorships everywhere - to find scapegoats to take the heat off themselves. I don't think antipathy to US that is already quite strong in Europe will suffice. The people will likely need a more immediate culprit. That culprit will not be the immigrants, but the old boogey-man - the Jews.

This is not a pleasant charge to make. Some time ago, I have realized that contrary to their statements, the Europeans have never given up on their antipathy to the Jews. History of the continent is full of banishments, burnings and ghettos for the Jews since the time before the Black Death. As tempting is it is to believe that Europe has realize its ethical failures, we should remember the active collaboration Jew-hunters found in most countries, from Netherlands, which lost over 3/4 of the Jews, including the young Anne Frank, to Lithuania, which was declared Juden-rein (free of Jews) in record time. The current antipathy to the state of Israel cannot even be fully explained by the desire to maintain good trade relationships with much more numerous Arabs, rather than Jews, who have not oil.

From the moment of its creation, the British in particular, did everything to nip the nascent state in the bud. Today, Europe's support for Hamas, PA, UNIFIL, and other local Middle Easter obscenities, etc. amounts to this:

Europe is waging a war by proxy against Israel.

I know this is a scandalous assertion, which sounds hysterical and, therefore, implausible. Besides, EU is the champion of initiatives related to global warming/climate change, and a general do-gooder, who eschewed the death penalty and violence in the first half of last century.
Read the following articleby Caroline Glick, one of the most conservative contributors, who writes for Jerusalem Post about Norway, the land of the peace prize.

When you read about the justification of terror against Israeli civilians by Norwegians after their own experience with terror one can only hope that this genocidal hypocrisy is an exception. If only that were the case. Sadly, there is no shortage of support for this view-point, and I will accumulate evidence in this blog.

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