Saturday, December 10, 2011

The big WHY

          Am I raising legitimate concerns regarding the economic suicide of US, and even worse future for Europe, or am I a fear-mongering ignoramus? Everyone should judge for themselves. I assert that our democracy and our rights are being stolen from under our noses. "A democracy, if you can keep it", was Benjamin Franklin's famous dictum that outlived the question.

Democracy, by its nature, is constantly under assault.

Speaking about economics, I always start with the facts, but they can at best provide anecdotal (or worse, a statistical) point of view. A big hurdle in believing the unbelievable is why would that be happening?

A better question is why wouldn't it be happening?

Throughout history, power sought to concentrate itself. Unless we believe we've living in end times, and are beyond man's historical weakness, we have to admit that this sharing power is psychologically difficult. It's in our nature to keep for ourselves, and decided by ourselves. That is one of the reasons why the achievement of the Founding Fathers of US stands alone in history, even among other revolutions. The foundation of this country did not envision the making of a new, better man, but accepted man with his flaws, and instead of perfecting him, sought to make the best community of imperfect individuals. 

We have grown lazy, and covetous. Now is the time to remember another of Ben's famous sayings that people who give up freedom in the name of a little bit of security deserve and beget neither.

The government is bankrupting us both economically and ethically. Of course, the people have a lot to say for: all people deserve their governments, in a historical sense, at least. Still, the fish rots from the head, and the powerful few have a lot to gain from fooling the majority. The fact that their strategies undermine the democracy is beside the point. They justify their covetous nature by hypocritically proclaiming themselves to be here to help us, with regulations, and taxes which pay for the costs of the nanny state, and provide excess comforts for the governing elite, which includes media and academia. America's bankruptcy in the 21st century is not inconceivable - we have external debts exceeding 14 trillion that is rapidly approaching 100% of GDP, and over 100 trillion in total unfunded liability.

We have to hold our government, media and academia to account. To do that we must first realize it is in their natural interests to lie and cheat.

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