Saturday, December 10, 2011

Positive thinking on EU

Majority of my commentary about the EU experiment is very negative - reflecting my opinion that the union was a mistake, and even a travesty.
I wanted to write something positive regarding EU, but I can't without descending into deep cynicism.  The best I can do, is to write something positive about Europe. Greece, the cradle of Western civilization, is bankrupt. If that happens to the entire EU, a good bet is that Western civilization will be marginalized, clearing the way for Asian century, when nations prefer to side with and emulate China not US. It hardly requires saying that I would like to see a prosperous Europe that maintain its rich cultural heritage, which is worth preserving and does not belittle it as just another trinket in a bag of multiculturalism.
To summarize: I wish the best to Europe, and I think that requires dismantling the EU.

As a sub-point, I see EU as a result of misguided over-reach, driven by an anachronistic competition with US, which is clearly having similar problems: namely lies that lead to overspending. China, Russia, Iran and India are of greater strategical significance to Europe, than juvenile competition with US. The first three do not play in good faith, and their attitudes present direct challenges Europe, although in very different ways. Economically weak Europe will cow-tow to these bullies, and take down the achievements of Western civilization that are truly worth preserving, such as individual freedom and equality, by a couple of painful notches abroad, initially, then progressively at home. I see these outcomes as near certainty, if European economies fail en masse, as they might when tied together in EU.

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