Saturday, December 10, 2011

Party of Ideals

A number of Democrats have made the claim that theirs was the party of ideas. That is a preposterous lie, and needs to be exposed.
A recent article by Charles Krauthammer, discussed the need Obama's reelection strategy based on class resentment: it's the only option left.
Obama's initiatives have failed. They are an admitted albatross around the president’s neck, as he seeks reelection. Stimulus, Obama-care, cap-and-trade, oil spill in the Gulf, EPA regulations, veto of pipeline - nothing he has done enjoyed success or popularity.
I would add to the above comments by the venerable commentator only that the Democrats have ceased being the party of ideas a long time ago, it did not happen yesterday. Their last notable success was the civil rights movement. It was a tremendous achievement, and is a credit, but it occurred a long time before I was even born, so by my measure, the Dems have not had any worthwhile ideas for some time. I do not count Obama's experiments with Keynesian economics, or flirtation with collectivism, through overbearing programs such as the stimulus and Obama-care as 'new ideas'. They are old ideals of the liberal establishment, held with religious fervor, enacted in the most partisan legislation.
The Obama administration has been an administration of "No" for all energy exploration, I do not count the heavy investment into 'green energy' - how original - that idea was tried and abandoned in the 1970's and 80's, and is failing again. If it was economical it would happen without the government. Forcing the public into the less economical, but more politically satisfying choice, is not being touted as a success due to lack of megawatts, and presence of failures like Solyndra.
The administration did do away with 'don't ask, don't tell". It seems that the most the liberals are capable of giving us is social guidance to make us feel good about ourselves, but refuse to abandon their regulatory strongleholds that ensure our continued our dependence on foreign energy, and stifle prosperity at home.

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