Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Terror in Belgium came from Pakistan

Something horrific and historical just happened in  Liege, Belgium. It seems to have been a Mumbai-style attack on a courthouse, the bastion of secular authority, orchestrated from Pakistan.

In this courthouse parents of Pakistani descent were found guilty in an honor killing. That warranted an attack with grenades and small arms. Fortunately, there are only several died, but scores are wounded. One's thoughts naturally turn to the wounded, the senseless loss of life, and the brazenness of attack. There is very important fact beneath the carnage today; the link between this attack and the honor killing case was communicated initially to the Karachi Post in Pakistan.

That means the masterminds behind this attack are in Pakistan. This is as a Mumbai-style attack in the heart of EU organized by Pakistani terrorists with government connections.

The connections between the Pakistani intelligence service, ISI, and the Taliban, as well as several Al Qaeda off-shoots are well known. Today's attack signifies nothing short of the willingness of some elements of ISI to project power into Europe through murderous proxies.

Notice how this inconvenient fact has been totally swept under the rug. Best not to think about such unpleasantness

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