Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Russian spring update

The leader of Russian liberal party "Yabloko" (meaning, apple) Gregory Evlinski on Bolotnaya (Swamp Square) on December 10th.

'Yabloko' failed to get enough votes to get into Duma in the last  (fraudulent) elections. It is scheduled to hold a 10K+ demonstration on December 17th. The initial target venue was to be the Pushkin Square, but it looks like it’s back to the swamp for the would be revolutionaries. This demonstration, too, will be help on the Swamp Square, as is the reason for this change is the same as last - too many people are signed up .
It looks like all revolutionary roads in Russia lead to the swamp.
The good side is that this demonstration should help to keep up the pressure on the government, and the motivation of the opposition. The next scheduled demonstration was originally scheduled for December 24th, so there will be demonstrations in the swamp square for 3 straight weekends. Woohoo! I hope it works out, despite the inauspicious symbolism.

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