Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stop being so intolerant, you cracker!

I can't believe I just saw this sickening propaganda by SnagFilgs about Muslim opinion worldwide titled 'Inside Islam: What a billion Muslims really think'. I have seen polls from the Arab world, and they are very negative towards both Europe and the US, although the extreme element that wholeheartedly supported attacks of 9/11 is not that great.

A little over half of all the Muslims, majority of whom are Asian not Arab think 9/11 attacks were wholly unjustified (55%). Then the narrators says 'there was some gray area', without discussing the various slices. Seriously, they don't even have anything written on the slices, it's too embarrassing to discuss shades of gray about Muslim opinions on such horrific action as 9/11.
Behold, only 7% percent world-wide think these attacks were wholly justified. That means there are no fewer that over 70,000,000 Muslims who support wholesale slaughter. Another 400 million who feel they were somewhat justified. What percentage thinks the numbers killed too many, or that killing is too harsh, and prefer a milder corporeal punishment is for the infidels?

We're told that not a single one of the 7% cited verses from Koran to support their view. Did others? Do we care? We know that plenty of examples when imams in Egypt or other Muslim countries use Koranic verses (sura) to justify their hatred of the West. This observation proves only one thing - the authors of the documentary are at paints to paint these as 'politically radicallized' elements, well outside the main-stream. Unfortunately, this is entirely a reflection of the bias of this so-called study. The views expressed by many imams ('leaders of prayer') and similar to those of Osama bin Laden,  and these clerics are certainly not ostracized. They are the grass-root Osamas this study pretends do no exist.

The authors of this shameless propaganda play on emotion from the start. They begin not with 1000 + year history of relations between the West and Islam, but with fear felt by Muslims after 9/11 attacks.
The presentation attempts to shame the listener for Western bigotry for a religion with over a billion followers . So, rather than to believe the action of the 19 homicidal hijackers about Islam, we should take the world of these 4 peaceful individuals, who tells us Osama bin Laden puller a web of deceit over our eyes. Remove the web and behold the religion of peace.
The propaganda begins to proclaiming itself the result of a 10-year Gallup polling, etc. but after all the build-up they discuss only the question of 9/11. All they meant to do was to say West ignorant and intolerant, but they decided to make it pseudo-scientific. Interviews with 4-5 people with the same viewpoint to represent what a 'billion Muslims think'.

If they asked questions such such: "Do you believe the West is taking advantage of Muslim nations? Stealing their resources? Denigrating their faith?" You'd see 60-80% agreement in the Arab world, at least.

Note the names of these producers and never watch anything by these liars again. What a colossal embarrassment for all involved, including the companies that produced this insolent crap!
Among those who should be deeply embarrassed by this blatant propaganda insolently masquerading as a study SnagFilms, John Epositio of an Islamic scholar at Georgetown University, and Kenneth Pollack, Director of Research, Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institute, disturbed me the most, because he was the least unperturbed as he peddled obvious lies.

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