Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Democrats for Newt Gingrich

Still hoping for my blog to be properly indexed by Google, I came across an article on Tampa Bay website  that echoes my blog about Gingrich's suitability for the VP, but not the presidency.

The author of the article described the potential nomination of Gingrich for the presidency by the GOP as a 'suicide pact':

"Democrats laugh, as if the GOP has lost its collective mind and entered a political suicide pact. The GOP establishment is having a conniption."

The same article quoted the former Florida congressman Joe Scarborough from last week on his Morning Joe when he said of Gingrich: "He will destroy our party. He will re-elect Barack Obama and we'll be ruined." I agree. What makes it difficult, is that I like Newt Gingrich a lot, but not for a GOP nominee in 2012. Liking Newt Gingrich is not inconsistent with rejecting him for the top of the GOP ticket - that's why I wrote the blog 'Center is the new Right' - to analyze and ultimately to reject emotional response to the coming decisive election.

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