Friday, February 3, 2012

UN - the perfect host for socialist contagion

I recently wrote about UN being a useless gas bag, in reference to climate change. There's silver lining is that - the UN is quite ineffective at  pushing such pipe-dreams.

“No one should live below a certain income level,” stated Milos Koterec, President of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. The UN wants a world tax imposed on all financial transactions to fund a global model of social services that will provide  “all needy people with a basic income, healthcare, education and housing.”  The new global tax is designed to be a progressive scale, with higher earners paying more for UN’s latest the Utopian attempt at global socialism.

There is greater danger in these UN's attempts to institute a world-wide government in the name of helping the poor by taking over national responsibilities piece by piece, the way the Federal government in US has been taking over responsibilities of states and  individuals. The attempts by unelected UN officials towards unrestricted  centralization of power is downright un-American. The United States is a Federal Republic, with restricted, enumerated powers of the Fed. This separation of powers was a brilliant insight of our Founding Fathers to guarantee the rights of individuals, not the government. Without such limitations, the Constitution would not have been adopted by the original 13 states.

The global, unelected nature of UN is the perfect vehicle for another political system - socialism. Marx's theory was internationalist to the core. Russia, which adopted his ideology had to experience a long series of painful disappointments, before switching to "socialism in one, separate country". That only happened in 1943, during the difficult days of WWII as a concession to the Allies, when Stalin closed down the Comintern in the Soviet Union.

Proletarians of the world didn't unite and the bottom up approach for the spread of socialism, envisioned by Marx, had failed. Until now the top-down approach was not feasible, however, it has a greater chance of success. The World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland entitled "The Great Transformation" was about moving away from capitalism: "...Capitalism saved China, it is sometimes said; it's now up to China to save capitalism, for there is depressingly little sign of Western nations standing up for it," wrote Jeremy Warner from Davos for the Telegraph.

One of the aspects favoring the top down approach to world-wide socialism is that it is more incremental and insidious that bottom-up revolutions. "UN wants a world tax to help the poor" has the veneer of good intentions. Still, no supra-governmental organization should be ever allowed even to attempt such an undertaking, because it would inevitably empower the Leviathan at the expense of individuals. In addition who in their right mind would trust trust the UN to run a chicken farm, much less take over caring for the poor, and other functions for the world? The UN spent two thirds of the Haiti relief fund on salary, perks and upkeep of its own personnel, not residents of the devastated island. Cases of UN's corruption, its list of failures to protect basic human rights or to guarantee agreements in has sponsored, is immense. How many problems has UN actually solved?

One can only hope that given the current economic difficulties in EU, this idea is a non-starter for financial reasons. The fact that it is politically viable in the Western nations is an indication of total philosophical confusion - the core of the West is rotten - and is a portent of bad things to come.

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