Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reverse psychology in US politics

Listen to how your enemies attempt to frighten you, because that is what they fear most. This adage is apt for the latest shrill pronouncements that Romney is not competitive with Obama.

Today, Rasmussen published a poll for the previous week covering the week ending on January 15th that gives a generic Republican with 5% lead over Obama. The pronouncements coming from the Democrats are becoming increasingly desperate, as Romney appears to be closing the deal on the GOP nomination. Romney is the first non-encumbent to have won in both Iowa and New Hampshire and his support is snowballing in South Carolina, and is very solid in Florida.

Meanwhile, Newsweek wrote an article (which has been extensively, and justifiably mocked) where it makes an emotional statement that Obama's rivals are stupid, and are going to be outwitted by the incumbent. Apparently, the Americans don't realize how good they have it under Obama. Aha...

Nancy Pelosi, who led her party into political wilderness in 2010 midterm elections to the greatest shellacking in US electoral history, expressed her opinion that the "GOP knows Romney can't win". This is ridiculous on many levels. The most obvious is that Romney, who served as governor of Massachusetts, was  the choice of the GOP establishment precisely because his moderate stance makes him more electable than hard-core social conservatives, like Rick Santorum.

Romney's experience in economics and in the private sector make him the best GOP candidate to press Obama on his awful economics record. The defensive one-liner Dems are using to fend off this attack that "Obama inherited a worse crisis than he expected" is a non-starter. First of all, Obama, presented the crisis in the most dire terms possible to blame Bush and advance his agenda for government takeover of the healthcare industry, and partial takeover of the automotive and banking industries after bailouts with taxpayer money. Second, Obama's popularity in 2008 soared precisely because the banking crisis unfolded in the US. He was elected to fix the economy first and foremost. Obama's argument that he didn't realize economy was in such a bad shape reveals he didn't give it the attention it deserved, but instead subjected the country to the long-standing wish list of transformational  liberal agenda. Third, the cost has been great. In addition to polarizing the country, Obama is on track to borrow over 6.5 trillion dollars during his first term. For what?! Lastly, the only president to get re-elected with >8% unemployment was Reagan, and that happened because during his first term unemployment fell by over a third after devastating policies of Jimmy Carter (whose second term Obama is now serving).

The Dems know their social engineering experiment will get rolled back amid revelations of disasters like Solyndra that have all the hallmarks of political corruption. Once the most corrupt attorney general in US history, Eric Holder, is gone from office there is going to be a price to pay for people like Reid and Pelosi for the shady backroom deals. For the first two years of Obama administration the Democrats controlled both the White House and both chambers of Congress. What did they accomplish during this time? It seems that their over-spending and over-bearing are likely to cost them more than a single election, but to usher in a prolonged period of GOP domination.

The attempts of the Democrats and their sympathizers in the media to sour Republicans on Romney reveal the how much their fear his nomination. What tools to the have to oppose Romney? Fear-mongering, class warfare, and personal attacks.

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