Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Politics of personal destruction: target Romney

Romney has achieved something nobody except incumbent presidents have managed for decades: winning bot the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. The main (lame) street media cannot not bring itself to acknowledge the fact.
Newt Gingrich has shown himself to be a callow opportunist, using attacks on Romney's economics record which are going to be picked up and quoted by the Dems in the general election.

In 2008 media handed the victory to Obama by not vetting him. They allowed 'hopey, changey' rhetoric to go unchallenged, and ignored Obama's record of long-term associations with radicals like his pastor of 20-years Wright("G-d damn America!"), and the man who started Obama's political career in his living room - Bill Ayers.

What does this have to do with Romney? We're about the see the most expensive and disgusting politics of personal destruction. Dems are going to try to annihilate Romney as a viable candidate, because the Obama administration doesn't have a record to stand on.
Media has grown disaffected with Obama, but what can they do - vote Republican? They are still rooting for him. Now that Obama has a record (unlike in 2008) the only way for him to win is to attack his opponents not of a political, but more of a personal level. Most of these attacks will be performed gratis by the media.

Expect a return of the fairness doctrine, which is a nice euphemism for shutting down forums for conservatives (e.g. Rush Limbaugh radio, Fox). It is becoming increasingly necessary as the media is slowly losing popular support/viewers. Fox is already watched by as many people as the rest of the networks combined, but neither this rejection by the viewers, not dropping profits have dissuaded these shameless propagandists from their biased programming. They can and will operate at a loss and some, like NY Times, have been doing that for years. The elitists need to brainwash people is so great, profits are a secondary concern. Besides, these folks never had much faith in capitalism.

I'm going to make a prediction: the media (ABC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC) are going to embarrass themselves with vitriolic, gratuitous attacks on Romney. This prediction is based on my assessment of these TV networks being run by corrupt apparatchiks, more interested in political dominance than in intellectual honesty, or professionalism.

It's time to not only ditch Obama, but turn off these media outlets: expose their propaganda and utterly unprofessional behavior (how much flak did CBS suffer from Dan Rather's insistence of veracity of obviously fake document about G.W.Bush?). This country cannot function with the 'fourth estate' (media relative to 3 branches of government) behaving like a 'fifth column'(traitors to journalistic professionalism and, therefore, the country).

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