Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GOP playing around

CBS had this headline this morning: "Santorum stunner: Sweeps 3 GOP contests". Rick Santorum won Republican primaries in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado. It is a remarkable turn of events. CBS began it's article with the words:
It took one night for Rick Santorum to become a player again in the Republican presidential race.
I have to agree, Santorum has become a contender, even if for a short time, but it's the GOP voters who are playing around. What is their purpose? Did social conservatives come to the polls to prove their relevance for in the nomination process?

A couple weeks ago, Rick Santorum laid out his case for extreme opposition to abortion, even in the cases of rape: 'Make The Best Out Of A Bad Situation'. If Santorum was to become a nominee (which he won't) this would give Barack Obama the opportunity he needs to win a second term -- by making the election about anything other than Obama's record in the White House. Talking about Roe v. Wade and abortions is one of the favorite subjects of U.S. liberals.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul came in second in one of the three contests and was jubilant: "A strong second place, and it’s going to continue", he said. Continue to what? A strong second place in a general election?

GOP playing around with 'anyone but Romney' may indeed end up with a candidate, like John McCain who couldn't explain the diffidence between his economic policy and that of Obama. 

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