Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Following this blog

I realized that email notifications are not automatically sent to the blog followers.

To inform followers of this blog, I installed that option - just enter your email above ''Followers' on the right margin. That will send email notifications to you for every new post. Because I write quite a bit, I would recommend another alternative (although why compromise - use both): set up a google reader, or an equivalent aggregator of news at yahoo, or hoo To set up the former: from the google page the reader is under the pull -down menu "More" (I'm using Chrome). Once you're in the reader click to 'Subscribe' (of the left margin) and paste in the name of the blog (http://suicide-pact.blogspot.com/).

The minute of cutting and pasting is worth it, because these readers push new content from this blog to a web page, not notification to your email.

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